Tisha is a health practitioner, focusing not only on nutrition and weight loss, but also on the full picture of nourishment — environment, home life, work stressors, activity levels and core beliefs — working seamlessly with our other practitioners to create a truly holistic approach to healing and growth.

An AADP Board Certified Health Coach, Tisha’s work is not limited to what her clients are putting in their bodies, but encompasses the decisions that surround food and health and the beliefs that influence these decisions.

Through her work as an Empowerment and Nourishment Coach, she inspires her clients to channel or change their strongest beliefs about themselves, helping them to achieve health goals they may have never thought possible. Tisha aligns clients’ beliefs with what they really want, achieving far greater results than an out-of-the-box meal plan or exercise schedule.

After studying at the University of Wisconsin/Madison, Tisha worked for many years in the medical field and as a life coach, before completing her studies at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition to become a health and nutrition practitioner.

Tisha’s current professional focus — to change the way people think about their health and nutrition — was inspired by her personal health transformation and by her extensive experience working with physicians. Pursuing this passion, she has studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods — working, in the process, with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.