1. Expert Advice and Support - and so much more

Yes, each of us is a trained and experienced professional — a financial advisor, a psychotherapist, a health and nutrition coach, and so on. And when you hire any one of us, you will get state of the art advise within our area of expertise.

But this is just the beginning.

With many clients, we work as a team, with (for example) sessions with your career coach and financial advisor interweaving with life coaching sessions, the work of each informing and deepening the work of the others.

And, even if you limit your engagement to that one expert, you will benefit from this cross-fertilization, since (with your permission) we are constantly in touch with each other about the challenges our clients face. So, for example:

  • The advice offered by your TDG psychotherapist or coach will be laced with unusually sophisticated and practical advice when the conversation turns to your finances, your job, or your health and nutrition concerns

  • In turn, your financial advisor or business consultant will be unusually comfortable with the emotions that come with an in-depth examination of these highly sensitive areas of living.

Options include in person, Skype and telephonic consultations. Feel free to contact us to discuss these possibilities.

2. A Comprehensive Life Assessment

Deepen your understanding of where you are in life, clarify your life goals and create a detailed roadmap for getting from here to there.

Step 1: Our questionnaire will inventory every area of your life: Work and money; self-care, leisure, and creative expression; family, friends, and community — and, if you’re a business owner, the finances and operations of that entity.

Step 2: You will be interviewed by two TDG consultants, with expertise in areas of special concern to you.

Step 3: Your will receive a comprehensive written plan including goals, time lines, and prioritized action items.

3. Couples Intensives

Guided by an experienced couples counselor, and our 80 page workbook, you and your partner will we guided through an in-depth, experiential journey that will teach you the skills needed to create a more vibrant and loving romantic partnership. Bi-weekly coaching sessions alternate with off-week exercises designed to extend — and deepen — the experience. And, each workbook chapter includes a think piece that will to deepen your understanding of the enormous, life changing potential of this work.

Topics include:

  • What Couples Work Is/Why It's Important

  • The Three Levels of Love

  • The Four Ingredients of a Successful Relationship

  • Women and Men: Their Special Challenges

  • Effective Fighting

  • Loving Your Partner When Things Are Good

  • Creating the Relationship — and Life — of Your Dreams

4. Your Business

When it comes to your company, the first and most important task is to resolve the particular challenges inhibiting your growth. Our business consultants will work with you to understand and resolve these challenges — from the most technical to the most global and strategic

Doing so, however, we will help you to maintain steadfast focus on this simple reality: Your business should work for you and not vice versa.

Our informing premises:

  • It is possible to create a profitable business and a better life. Your business can express your most deeply held values, instead of being an unfortunate exception to those values — at the center of your life.

  • When decency is more than a marketing slogan — when it is the company’s informing perspective — and when it is applied with intelligence and persistence — it produces an unusually talented and motivated workforce, and a loyal and expanding customer base. Done right, decency is good business.