More than a business, The Decency Group was created by a group of professionals who want to “walk the walk”: Living the values they teach; teaching the values they live. 

And because we live in a “compete and win” culture, striving to be decent in all that we do is – we have learned – a difficult and wisdom-stretching task.

The urgent message?

We are – all of us – in this together. Inspired to live differently and better, we need to actively support and learn from one another.

So we have created The Decency Community.

What is available to you when you join us as a Community Member?

  • Learn about your life and how your actions, reactions and habits affect your self, your loved ones and the world around you, through special crafted assessment tools;

  • Get support– and deepen your understanding of Radical Decency - through our monthly members-only web forum, and a weekly conversation with Jeff Garson, our founder, about the week’s Radical Decency Reflection;

  • Receive inspiration weekly to your inbox, along with invitations to special events

  • Take advantage of our subject-specific web based and in person affinity group programs, tailored to your work and group goals

Most importantly, you will become a partner – with us and other like-minded people – in making Radical Decency a living reality, remembering always, as our founder, Jeff Garson explains, that a radically decent life is its own reward.


Please consider joining us on this spirit-affirming, life-altering journey.