What is The Decency Community?

Radical Decency is a way of living that inspires us to quietly – and radically – diverge from our culture’s spirit-deadening compete and win norms. And while true decency’s pay-off is life-altering, the task itself can be complicated and, at times, overwhelming.

So, those of us who long to take this spirit-affirming journey have joined together, as Members in a community of learning and support.

What does It Mean to Become a Member of The Decency Community?

As a member, you are invited to:

  • Complete a Comprehensive Radical Decency Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Mainstream Culture Assessment, with guidance and support based on results via email or the web.

  • Participate in our members only web forum, each month.
  • Access the library of Radical Decency Reflections, a compilation of rich content authored by TDG Founder Jeff Garson.

  • Be a part of a weekly web conversation with Jeff Garson, our founder, about his weekly Radical Decency Reflection.

  • Participate in TDG Member's Facebook Group -- for information, and Radical Decency dialogue and guidance.

  • Create or join an Affinity Group, subject specific support groups in an area of special interest (web based or in person)

  • Receive inspiration delivered to your inbox from the Decency Group community

And, most importantly, you will become a partner, with our other Members, in making Radical Decency a living reality – in our lives and in the world.

What does membership cost?

  1. A 12-month individual membership costs $100.

  2. A 12-month group membership is available to organizations and affinity groups with 15 or more members, as follows:

    1. $80 per member, for groups with 15 or more members

    2. $70 per member, for groups with 40 or more members,

    3. $60 per member, for groups with 70 or more member,

    4. $50 per member, for groups with 100 or more members.

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