Jeff Garson

Jeff Garson

TDG Partner

Presented by Jeff Garson

Couples Therapist & Coach
Author, Couples Therapy: A Radically Decent Approach

Is this webinar right for you? It is, if you find yourself asking these questions:

  • Why is it I never seem to find the right person? Or, when I do, why does it never seem to last?
  • Why is it so hard to get beyond our chronic disappointments: He doesn’t listen! I have disappointed her – again! The fun times‚ and hot sex‚ that brought us together seem forever lost.
  • When did we slip into this pattern of harsh words and bickering‚ or polite words and parallel lives‚ and how do we get unstuck?

Teaching a different and better way through his writings, experiential exercises and dialogue, Jeff is an inspired teacher. Here is what people are saying:

So many new possibilities! I would recommend this webinar to anyone who wants to reconnect with the most important person in their life. —Matt Conway

Confident, qualified, capable, brilliant, I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking to embrace a fuller and richer relationship. —Amanda Clark

Jeff has guided us through so many painful moments with insight and sincere compassion, far exceeding our expectations. —Karen and Brandy Lea

Event Details

A 6-session virtual and interactive seminar, accessible on the web and by telephone, presented every Thursday, 7:45 PM – 9 PM, from March 12th through April 16th. Also taped for later viewing.

Cost: $180, payable in advance – $140 for registration, on or before February 20th.
And add your partner as a Valentine’s Day gift – for just $25 more!

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