An In-Depth Experiential Exploration of Radical Decency in the Workplace

Jeff Garson, the presenter of this session

Jeff Garson, creator of Radical Decency

Presented by Manfred Fischbeck & Brigitta Hermann, Co-Founders and Artistic Directors of Group Motion Dance Company; Jeff Garson, Originator of Radical Decency, Decency Group principal

Living in a culture that equates "relationship" with "intimate relationship," we spend far too little time understand and seeking to improve our authoritarian relationships, even though they dominate at work – the very place where we spend the most productive hours of the great majority of our days. The result? We passively accept bad work relationships as "just the way things are."

This workshop brings a radically decent approach to our relationships at work and does so, not just with ideas, but also with movement, music, dialogue, and role-play. Our goal: To bring all of our sensory skills to bear on this enormously important issue.

The first time we did this workshop was magical. We are so excited offer it again. -Jeff, Manfred, Brigitta

Event Details

Where & When: Philadelphia, PA, December 13, 2014

Cost: $360

Event registration details to come soon