As therapists, coaches, consultants, and advisors, TDG’s Professionals offer you state of the art advice within our areas of expertise.

But what sets us apart is our common philosophy - Radical Decency - and our deeply collaborative approach.


Think about it!

“Business as usual” consultants treat symptoms – your health, career, or finances – and are, often, at cross-purposes: Financial/career consultants pushing “success” and money; doctors and therapists dealing with its physical, emotional, and relational costs.

We are different. Fully committed to serving you — the single person you are — we are deeply collaborative, pooling our knowledge, insight, and techniques to support you in crafting truly integrated strategies for living, supporting you in creating,

  1. A more coherent and balanced relationship with yourself and others and — with it — a more satisfying life; and

  2. Businesses and work environments that are an extension of your deepest aspirations, instead of being an unfortunate exception to them — at the center of your life.