Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

While feeling better is always job one, the best counseling moves beyond our painful thoughts and feelings, replacing them with a more hopeful vision. To realize this larger goal, TDG provides traditional counseling and coaching tools, and more:

  • Clarifying your goals; identifying the internal issues that get in the way of creating the life you long for;

  • Teaching the real world skills you need to more effectively negotiate the world as it is — the practical; and

  • Working with you to mold the environments you live in, in ways that are more decent and humane — the radical.

Financial Planning

  • Working in close collaboration with its other consultants, TDG’s financial experts will support you in creating financial plans that are fully integrated into, and congruent with, your larger life goals, offering guidance on:

  • Every aspect of personal money management, including family budgeting, incomes needs analysis, and debt reduction;

  • Retirement planning; and

  • Life, disability and long term care insurance.

Health and Nutrition Coaching

  • Have you ever received good advice that you were unable to follow?

  • Has your doctor ever recommended a lifestyle change that you found to be unsustainable?

  • Have you ever wanted something in your life, but found you couldn’t achieve it alone?

Knowing what to eat, when to eat and how to exercise is just scratching the surface of our health and nutrition coaching. TDG will work closely with you to examine the beliefs surrounding your core values, your capabilities and your schedule to customize a plan tailored to your precise needs. We will tackle the hard questions about how all of the areas of your life affect your nutrition and health.

And your personalized program will integrate with TDG’s other disciplines to radically improve your health and happiness, from head to toe.

Coaching at Work, Skill Building; Leadership Coaching

Most workplaces are highly authoritarian. What the boss says goes. His opinion of you will determine your future.

But things can be different. TDG will help you become a happier and more effective worker‚ turning you into that person, the one who others value and rely on, working with you:

  • To be a more effective communicator, and manager of people and projects.

  • To cultivate the attention, intention, and practices that will allow you to respond to work challenges with greater freedom, choice, and clarity; and

  • To create an empowering vision of the leader you hope to be.

Career Direction, Career Management, Empowered Job Searches

TDG will help you to be proactive in setting career goals that maximize your skills and talents, and more fully express your values, interests and personality; supporting you in:

  • Identifying‚ and confidently educating others‚ to your unique capabilities;

  • Resume writing and effective interviewing;

  • Job search maximization through your personal networks and a robust online presence.

Recognizing the indecency of so many work places, we will also help you find a workplace that‚ going beyond a recruiter’s platitudes and nice words‚ really is more congruent with your most deeply held values.

Business Consulting, Work Issues for Owner/Operators

If you are seeking to make changes in the way you do business, your change strategy should embrace two goals‚ and be steadfast in refusing to compromise on either:

  • Improved performance and profitability; and

  • A more balanced, integrated and satisfying life.

TDG offers state of the art strategic and technical support but does so from a perspective, both hopeful and deeply practical, that supports both sides of this equation. The goal: A business that is an extension of your most deeply held values and aspirations, and not an unfortunate exception to them‚ at the center of your life.

Legal Support

TDG will assist you in:

  • Locating attorneys who are skilled in your areas of need and, in addition, attentive and cost conscious; and

  • Managing those relationships in ways that minimize expense and ensure accountability.

  • In areas appropriate to their attorneys’  expertise, offering legal advice and services, informed always by TDG's radical decency perspective.