We would like to share the successes we have realized since we have been working with The Decency Group. We have been the beneficiary of your knowledge, and therapeutic and practical skills on many levels. We are grateful to you for Initiating solutions in areas of utmost concern to us.

You have guided us through some very painful family orientated moments with your insight, advice, and sincere compassion. Your efforts far exceeded our expectations with each dilemma we presented to you. Your legal expertise proved to be invaluable when we made you cognizant of a pertinent and most stressful situation. Without hesitation, you were determined to guide us through to a satisfactory resolution. And tapping into your diverse areas of specialization, Brandy was able to work with Beth Wilson (career consultant) getting guidance with his professional concerns and career goals.

We have, throughout, enjoyed being challenged by your thought provoking and highly insightful philosophy, Radical Decency. We find your devotion to its principles to be all inspiring.

We would like to wrap up this sincere glowing recommendation with one helpful comment for Jeff, “It is time to refresh your collection of jokes.” “That’s one!”.

— Karen and Brandy Lea

After losing my closest friend to a massive heart attack, moving several times in a year and a half, then watching my new job fade away in a company bankruptcy, I found myself struggling to put one foot in front of the other. ¬†I just wasn’t sure which floor was going to drop beneath me, should I choose to take a step.

I decided to work with Jeff Garson on my “fork-in-the-road,” and he has been absolutely tireless. ¬†His counseling solution looks at all of the issues in my life as they need to be addressed, such as Financial Planning with Michael Brady, Career Counseling with Beth Ann Wilson, and of course, emotional wellbeing with Jeff himself. ¬†So far, all of the Decency Group’s practitioners have been Radically Decent in the way that they’ve worked with me. ¬†They are intuitive, comprehensive in their approach, and fair and reasonable in their business practices.

Jeff doesn’t just refer me to the Decency Group counselors, he oversees my entire solution, and contacts them with me, as often as not. ¬†

Considering where I was several months ago – foundations fallen or crumbling, this all-out effort to help me get back my confidence and bearings was exactly what I needed. ¬†I’m glad that Jeff has put this Group together, and I’m lucky to have found it at this time. ¬†By the way, I’m also familiar with Billie Lee Orenbuch, and she is excellent in her field.

— D. Hollander

I have spent the past four years getting to know Jeff as a Life Coach and Psychotherapist. I came to him quite accidentally, thinking he was a medical doctor, but after our first hour together, I knew this was a connection I wanted to build. I have learned so much from my time with Jeff, not only about myself and the person I am and want to be, but about his and his colleagues’ principles of Radical Decency. These principles have helped to guide my life in the right direction, be it my romantic relationships (now a happy, healthy partnership), my work life (soaring to new heights) or my health (mental and physical).

Jeff and the Decency Group have been a large part of my success in the past few years and have brought me through hard times as well. I couldn’t imagine having weathered the storms or navigated new waters quite as gracefully without Jeff and his team.

I’ve heard before that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, much in the same vein, it takes the hands of many to make each of us whole as adults. Some support we receive from our friends, family, partner or coworkers. But it is so absolutely essential to have confident, qualified, capable, brilliant minds at work on your case as well. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to embrace a more full, richer life at home, at work or anywhere in between.

— Amanda Clark