The Challenge

In seeking to craft more effective strategies for living, you need — always — to remember this essential fact: You are not a worker, or an investor, or a physical being, or a parent and spouse. You are all of these things, and more. And your choices in each area powerfully affect every other.

Nevertheless, the people you turn for support are specialists, offering valuable advice — but only in their area of expertise: Psychotherapy, financial advice, business consulting, nutrition, etc.

This “business as usual” approach to change fails, in two crucial respects, to account for the simple, unalterable fact that — in the end — there is just you, living a single life.

  1. Sadly — remarkably — attention to your larger life goals is specifically excluded from the basket of services provided since, as “responsible professionals,” your advisors are trained to direct you elsewhere when issue outside their area of expertise come up.
  2. The advice you receive is often in conflict, with (for example) your financial advisor or work coach pushing more and more hard work — for the sake of financial security or career success — even as your doctor and therapist are pushing strategies to counteract the physical, emotional, and relational costs of this way of living.

The result? Your overly busy, overly stressed life persists even as you race from one project of financial, personal, or physical advancement to the next.


The Response

Our approach is different. Like others in our professions, we offer state of the art guidance within our areas of expertise.

But we also offer so much more.

Working from a common philosophy and fully committed to serving you — the single person you are — we are deeply collaborative, pooling our knowledge, insight, and techniques to support you in crafting truly integrated strategies for living.

Our goal: To support you in creating,

  1. A more coherent and balanced relationship with yourself and others and — with it — a more satisfying life; and
  2. Businesses and work environments that are an extension of your deepest aspirations, instead of being an unfortunate exception to them — at the center of your life.


Learn more about Radical Decency, the approach to living that informs and orients our work.