Gale Thompson

Leadership and Resiliency Coach

Gale Thompson

Leadership and Resiliency Coach

Gale Thompson is a leadership coach who has a practical and effective approach to coaching and supporting leaders in achieving their aspirations.

Leadership is a frame of mind as much or more than it’s a role definition. The world needs collaborative, centered, principled leaders in all walks of life. Great leadership comes from the inside out and starts with becoming the leader of your life and the ways you seek to have positive impact around you – in your work, community, and relationships.

She facilitates subtle but powerful shifts that result in great positive impact to personal and professional performance and satisfaction for her clients. She brings together a particularly effective and unique blend of qualifications which make her well as a leadership coach for the right clients:

» First, she‚Äôs worked in many environments so she understands the challenges her clients have at work and in life. Her work background includes business, international affairs, and non-profit management. She‚Äôs worked with executives and organizations in the healthcare, information technology, pharmaceuticals, finance, and international development arenas, so she understands leadership challenges first-hand in varied environments. She holds an MBA in finance from the Wharton School and an MA in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies with a Fulbright stint in the Middle East.

» Second, despite all this external focus, she‚Äôs fascinated with the findings of neurobiology and has trained as a therapist, with a clinical social work degree from Bryn Mawr. She‚Äôs actively exploring the inner workings of the brain, the mind, the emotions, and the psyche. She has respect and appreciation for how they operate.

» Third, she‚Äôs on her own journey of self-exploration and evolution. At some point, she realized that she needed to be responsible for her own well-being ‚Äì from the inside out. She‚Äôs spent more than a decade studying and experimenting with different personal and professional development methodologies and has evolved a conviction in the power of attention, intention, and focused practice to recraft from the inside.

» Finally, after pursuing Leadership Coaching professional training at Georgetown University and working with clients, she‚Äôs truly excited about working with others to help them attain their goals and visions.

While these are an unusually broad and deep view/experience base on work and life from the inside and outside, in the end, the right coach for you is about “fit”.  So, if Gale’s perspectives and background are of interest and seem a fit for what you’re looking for,


Gale offers three different points of entry to coaching, depending upon what brings you to coaching and what is motivating you.

  • Professional – We‚Äôll clarify and cultivate the kind of leader you‚Äôre seeking to become ‚Äì that distinctive blend of who you are and how you wish to lead that will be uniquely your own. We‚Äôre seeking authentic and effective. We will work together on your goals for shifting attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that affect your leadership at work. We‚Äôll then practice adjustments ‚Äì to beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes ‚Äì that will help you grow into that leader. As a result of leadership coaching with Gale, you can expect to create positive impact for yourself, your team, and your organization.
  • Resilience – The key to emotional resilience and managing stress isn‚Äôt controlling from the outside but cultivating habits from the inside which allow you to shift out of biological stress and into a calmer state.¬† In that calmer state you have more access to your full capabilities and have more choice about how you wish to respond to external stimuli. There are tangible ways of measuring whether you‚Äôve shifted your biological state and to show you the impact of your thoughts and of breathing on your situation.¬† Such measurement can help you learn and reinforce the techniques that shift you into a calmer state.¬† Once you‚Äôve developed the skills, you can predictably make the shift in less than two minutes with routine practice of just 5-10 minutes a day.¬† You can‚Äôt control the world but you can learn to control your reaction to it and act more from your positive intentions than your reactivity.
  • Integrated Life – We‚Äôll clarify who you‚Äôre seeking to be in your broader life, looking holistically at all the spheres that are important to you ‚Äì work, family, and outside activities. We‚Äôll look together at the ways you can step into personal leadership to identify your intention and the shifts you wish to make in your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that will support and enable those intentions.¬† Whether it‚Äôs learning to be more intentionally loving with your partner or family members, becoming a more effective leader in your community activities, or striking the right blend of familial and work focus, we can craft an approach that helps you identify and act on your intentions.